I ran into designer Suzuko Hisata last week while at the local Atlanta FLOR store and she told me a little bit about her latest design project.

With a background in both interior and industrial design, Suzuko and her design partner Gavin Berrnard have formed an Atlanta-based firm called, “Wake Up Dear.” Their latest collaboration features a beautiful collection of intricately woven wooden pendants.  Each fixture is built up using a plywood frame and is then creatively woven together using threads of nylon.  With the freedom to choose from a variety of different colored weaves, the finished product is a beautiful blend of modern simplicity and creative spontaneity.

Wake Up Dear is currently a finalist in this year’s “Wanted Design – Launch Pad” program. An event dedicated to helping small companies and independent designers find manufacturers for their new products.
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Images by : Wake Up Dear

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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