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Vinyl Rugs – Kush

Today’s collection merges two of my favorite passions (music and design) into one creative decorative element. “From our childhood to your floor, Kush presents the Vinyl Rug Collection. An old school record that won’t scratch with use. As young tater tots in the 70′s, we were obsessed with stereos. We didn’t have a lot of Continue Reading

Pools of used motor oil adorned the floors of the Bellelay Abbey Swiss church in a 2013 exhibit entitled La Mise en Abîme. The stunning display featured two shallow organically shaped pods filled with oil created by Swiss artist Romain Crelier. The still pools of liquid reflect the architectural detailing displayed throughout the 12th century church. The contrast Continue Reading

Georgette Mosley – Automotive Remodel

A newly completed UDo Interior redesign for a local automotive shop located in Atlanta, GA.   Working on a new art project, installation or design? We welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication here! Images by : Georgette Mosley Interior Design by: Georgette Mosley Like the post? Take a second to support our Continue Reading

Wind-Blown Fairies – Robin Wight

UK sculptor Robin Wight  has putting together a stunning collection of wind-blown fairies that look as though they’ve been extracted straight from a fantasy world. Built up using a heavy stainless steel wiring and seemingly suspended in

Fall In Love With Turquoise

Looking for a little color inspiration? Whether it’s a weathered seafoam green or an ocean blue, we love the look of teal. It has a way of creating an aura of beauty, elegance and chic sophistication. Decoratively, it can be styled to fit into any scheme ranging from vintage to contemporary sleek. Though it is Continue Reading

Hydrofloors – Swimming Pools

Wishing you had an indoor swimming pool but thinking you’re a little short on space? We may have found a design solution that can solve all of your problems! Introducing Hydrofloors.

Golden Moon, LEAD Ltd.

Located in Victoria Park  Hong Kong, Golden Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland is  a magical space featuring lanterns hanging from the interior of a sunburst inspired cabana. 

Vessels and Blooms – Jack Long

The captivating  “Vessels and Blooms” photo series shot by talented photographer Jack Long was created using poured paint strategically splashed about to appear as beautifully assorted flowers grounded in colored vases. Each image is captured in a single frame using a high speed exposure camera. As the

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