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The Papertrophy

  We’re baaaaaaaaack!  I’ve come to believe that people perceive art as being more cherishable when they’ve had a hand in creating it. For anyone who loves crafts, art or just has a keen interest in design, this is the perfect showpiece for you. Berlin artist Holger has put together an innovative collection entitled Papertrophy Continue Reading

Ian Blake – Stone Footprints

How adorable is this collection of little feet?! Using stones, Scottish photographer Ian Blake has put together the cutest assortment of feet entitled, “Stone Footprints.” When flipping through the images, it’s almost impossible not to smile.  

Artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs has created an amazing series of small paintings that she features on old found pennies. The amount of detail packed onto each small frame is truly astounding.


Who could resist the excitement of going to work every morning if your office space reflected a design such as this?! For the Yandex office located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Za Bor Architects headed by Peter Zaytsev and Arseniy Borisenko, the team worked to create a brilliantly bold design that is sure to

Pebble Cushions by Smarin

Pebble Pillows – Smarin

Quirky and fun, these innovatively styled pillows could spark even the most stagnant imagination. Designed by Smarin, the modular system was made to visually mirror oversized pebbles while of course offering a lot more comfort and cushion. Since the pillows can be

Illustrative Art by Ben Heine

Let me introduce you to Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist, and photographer Ben Heine. When I happened across some of his awesome illustrations, I couldn’t wait to share! Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently living in Brussels, Belgium, Heine seems to have a keen eye for

Revised Craft Collection

“For my collection I ask myself the question: is a chair purely functional? Is it a showpiece and a visual story? Or is it an expression of technical know-how and therefore representative of its era?”  - Sjoerd Vroonland

Birdcage Purses

Ok, I’ll admit this is the from my inner hippie, but Milanese design team, Carnovsky‘s birdcage bags make a bold statement. Officially titled Artificialia, the line of purses are crafted from natural materials including wood, silk, velvet, leather and tagua seeds from South America before being painted a bright

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