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Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Based in Berlin, Germany, innovative photographer Erik Johansson has a way of layering reality with fantasy to create images that project a layer of creativity and imagination while being grounded by a realistic backdrop. “I don’t capture moments, I capture ideas. To me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in Continue Reading

Bloody Moon Mural – PIXERS

This Bloody Moon wall mural designed by the team at PIXERS is sure to add a visually terrifying twist to any room. Splattered by red paint designed to read like blood, the mural works effectively to transform this rather classically styled space into a design filled with beauty, passion and pain. Could you see yourself calling the Continue Reading

Tim Walker Photography

Photographer Tim Walker is well renowned for his stunningly staged images designed to transport viewers into a carefree world filled with magic and wonder. Each image looks to be stemmed straight from a fairy tale portrait, except in this scene, the characters are all wearing the latest in haute

The Up Table by Christopher Duffy

Up Up and Away!! Take a look at this beautifully hand made coffee table, delightfully designed by Christopher Duffy, that gives the illusion of a table top being elevated above series of gold balloons. It’s a whimsical design entitled ‘UP’ that showcases an eye for detail as, upon

Dorothy O’Connor

Atlanta based artist Dorothy O’Connor has become well known for her extraordinary works as a photographer, costume designer and set builder. Through her exhibitions, she combines her talents to create visually impressive works of art that teleport you into a whimsical world

Manuel Archain

Manuel Archain

Argentinean artist Manuel Archain‘s creative photo collection is filled with brilliantly bizarre images that have been photoshopped to create scenes framed from his vivid imagination. Having been brought up around the arts under the wing of his mother, Archain has worked as a

Face Mug

Face Mug – Uncommon Goods

This mug is for those who find themselves running out of the door to work, secretly wishing they had an extra hand to grab and stash a treat to enjoy with their morning cup of coffee. Today we’re introducing the ceramic Face Mug found at Uncommon Goods, that’s perfect for giving an extra hand in stashing Continue Reading

Cade Martin

Take a venture into this whimsical world of imagery captured by Washington, D.C. based photography Cade Martin. The photos look as though they were captured straight from the scene of a fairy tale storybook. Appropriately titled “Wonderland,” the collection was shot with various dancers from The

Balans Chair

Balans Chair

Scooch in, lean back and take a seat inside of Peter Opsvik’s innovatively designed Balans Chair. Without compromising the seats structural support, Opsviks, with the help of Varier, created a gravity defying design that gives users the feeling of  effortless floating mid-air. With four varying positions that

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Welcome to Giraffe Manor where giraffes roam free across the 12 acre hotel grounds providing, for each guest, an altogether uniquely amazing adventure. Located in Kenya, the 1930s luxury boutique hotel has become well known for its old school charm and of course oversized guests known as the Rothschild Giraffe.

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