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Wind-Blown Fairies – Robin Wight

UK sculptor Robin Wight  has putting together a stunning collection of wind-blown fairies that look as though they’ve been extracted straight from a fantasy world. Built up using a heavy stainless steel wiring and seemingly suspended in

Willy Verginer – Human Nature

Willy Verginer is a talented artist based out of Ortisei, a small town located in South Tyrol, Italy. For his latest collection entitled “Human Nature,” Vergiener uses a color blocking technique to create graphic sculptural designs carved from solid pieces of

Phoenix by Xu Bing

 Xu Bing, a renowned Chinese artist, designed two monumental birds inspired by the interconnection between labor, commercial development, and the wealth accumulating in China.  Crafted from demolition debris, steel beams and tools from construction sites in urban China, Bing gave birth to a 90 foot male

Little Strong Man, Natanel Gluska

Using wood and metal for fabrication, Israel-born sculptor Natanel Gluska molds imaginative and unique furniture pieces. His creative style enables Natanel to build tables, chairs, and lamps that are replicas of people and animals.  Placed in the right location, Gluska’s creations make fantastic conversation pieces! 

Carved Book Landscapes – Guy Laramee

Books are a great escape into the worlds unknown, and this week artist Guy Laramee shows us that the adventure doesn’t have to come solely through reading.  Laramee has recently completed a new series of works where he builds up beautiful landscapes and topographical features using books. The stunning works of art are literally jumping off the Continue Reading

A unique sculptural collection put together by Johannesburg-based artist Regardt van der Meulen entitled Drip and Deconstructed. Made from steel, each piece gives the illusion of slowly being undone, leaving behind a hint of its original shape and form. Slightly eerie and yet an unmistakably powerful, the display is a beautiful balance of strength and fragility.

Luciana Novo – Polar Bear Head

Luciana Novo is an incredible artist based out of Valencia, Spain whose recent project, entitled Cabeza de oso polar (Polar Bear Head), was made using a mixture of plastic and clay. Adding an interesting twist on the traditional hunting trophy, the white polar bear seems to be melting away, transforming into a pool of color. Continue Reading


Gravity Glue, Michael Grab

Michael Grab knows how to defy gravity! The Land artist creates towers of balanced rocks throughout Boulder, Colorado, not only to challenge the laws of science, but to seek therapeutic meditation.

Shintaro Ohata

With a painted backdrop designed to take viewers along for a visually ride inside an artistic world layered with color and creativity, these 2D paintings complimented with sculpted 3D portraits immediately transport you into a magical world all their own.  Put together by artist Shintaro Ohata, this fresh take all but

This sculptural design entitled the Kiss of Death will literally take your breath away. Located in Barcelona’s Poblenou Cemetery, this stunning display has a way of drawing you in and captivating your attention with its masterfully balanced display of eerie unnerving elegance. Dating back to the 1930s, designer Joseph Llaudet Soler created a scene that Continue Reading

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