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The hotel group Sand Hill Road has teamed with up with Techne’ Architects for their fifth collaboration, this time working to successfully transform a once iconic 1940s public house into a visually captivating Prahran Hotel design. In an attempt to give the building a much needed structural

Cristobal Valecillos “Recycle”

In this “Recycle” series, artist Cristobal Valecillos creates beautifully detailed sculptures and set installations from waste turning trash into something to be treasured. “My art form involves an innovative concept of using raw cardboard and paper, born out of a desire to create art without generating waste.   This led to my inspiration to use everyday Continue Reading

Jeff Rouitto is an extremely talented artist who creates complex designs using pieces of driftwood found alongside the Washington coast. The collection includes an assortment of animals from horses to giraffes.

Phoenix by Xu Bing

 Xu Bing, a renowned Chinese artist, designed two monumental birds inspired by the interconnection between labor, commercial development, and the wealth accumulating in China.  Crafted from demolition debris, steel beams and tools from construction sites in urban China, Bing gave birth to a 90 foot male

Montreal based artist Laurence Vallières uses up-cycled cardboard cutouts from found boxes to create her imaginative collection of animals. Each design seemingly comes to life as a highly animated visually intriguing work of art. Once completed, the layered pieces of cardboard work to give each animal a signature look distinctive to the artist.  

Bruce Munro – Water Lilies

Bruce Munro, an artist most recognized for his creative “Sea of CDs” installation, is back at it! In his newest project, entitle Water Lilies, he has up-cycled more than 65,000 CDs and transformed them into light reflective water lilies. The install, whether 

Designing a Colorful Carton Igloo

If you’re in need of a little design inspiration, or more simply a cool idea to occupy your time during these cool winter months, take note of this ingenious idea brought to life by Brigid Burton with the help of her daughter Kathleen Starrie and boyfriend Daniel Gray. When Brigid learned that her daughter would Continue Reading

Celebration Chandelier

In a world where our everyday choices on the subject of material selections and energy consumption has started to take its toll on our natural environment, green designs have become exceptional important in the movement to help reduce our footprint in the world. Check out this amazing chandelier created by London based designer Alkesh Parmar. Continue Reading

Infused Discards – Sayaka Ganz

Look closely at this collection and you’ll find that the assortment is made up of an eclectic mix of discarded household items fused together to embody an amazing display. Born in Yokohama, Japan the creator of this collection, artist Sayaka Ganz, feels strongly that used objects should not be thrown out and made to waste away Continue Reading

CanLove- Recycling the Art

Everybody has seen vibrant graffiti art lining the streets of their city, but have you ever wondered what happens when the paint dries and the final touches are complete? Graffiti artist CanLove has found the best next step- recycle the cans and make flower sculptures! Through the artist’s recycling program, discarded aerosol cans are transformed Continue Reading

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