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SIT – A Haunting Series

 Sit ”Haiiro” creates intensely bold and visually striking works of art by intermixing elements of nature, death, degeneration and decay with humanistic characteristics. Each image tells a thought provoking story allowing viewers to get a small glimpse inside the mind of Dutch artist Sit. The result is a “haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid.” Continue Reading

Real Life Models, Flóra Borsi

  19 year old Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi’s latest series called Real Life Models explores what models of classic paintings would look like if they were as abstract as the paintings portrayed.

Martin Schoeller – Photography

Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double….or are you?! Check out this new exhibition of portraits shot by German photographer Martin Schoeller. The collection examines the visual differences and similarities found in twins and triplets. Can you tell them apart?

Lady Things by Robyn Cummings

Known for her uniquely styled women’s portraits that are a clever combination of delicate beauty with a twist of gloom and darkness, Robyn Cummings seeks to explore the essence of human femininity without exposing the women’s face.  Using an array objects including dead creatures, coarse hair and flowers, she blends feminine textures with society’s materialist Continue Reading

Check out the works of New York artist Michael Mapes. By painstakingly pinning down hundreds of small circular cut outs and then tediously placing them in manner that somewhat reflects the art of pointillism, each simple image beckons you to take a closer look as you start to understand how skillfully assembled the composition truly is. Continue Reading

Floppy Disk Art – Nick Gentry

Remember our previous posting on artist Nick Gentry? Well it seems that he is back at again, making stunning works of art out of old and overlooked floppy disks, transforming them into remarkable large scaled works of art.  The pieces pop out at you, somewhat beckoning you to take a closer look as they engage you with Continue Reading

For her latest project, political artist Mary Ellen Croteau has transformed a collection of used and overlooked caps into her medium of choice for a impressive portrait slightly reminiscent of a Chuck Close painting. By layering some of the smaller colored caps inside of the larger ones, she was able to play with one’s interpretation Continue Reading

Artist Federico Pietrella  has proven that stamps, when used creatively can do a lot more than simply date a page. Born in Rome and now living in Berlin, Pietrella has put together an amazing collection filled with large scale portraits and scenic views created by using a rubber time stamp and acrylic! Pounding it meticulously Continue Reading

A Coffee Portrait by Hong Yi

What can you be inspired to create over a morning cup of coffee?  Innovative designer, artist and architect Hong Yi , a graduate from the University of Melbourne, Australia took on the challenge of constructing a remarkable portrait using coffee as her medium of choice. How was it creating such a unique piece? Taking around about 12 hours Continue Reading

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