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Baitogogo, Henrique Oliveira

A network of twisted tree roots appears to be invading the infrastructure at Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris!  Now through early September, Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira’s display of intertwined nature titled Baitogogo will grace the architectural structure of the museum.

Sun Valley Paper Installation

Brooklyn based installation artists Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen collaborate to create massive sculptures that force the viewer to question their own visual foundations such as memory, perception and imagination. Recently, the two artists installed Sun Valley in The Center’s gallery in Ketchum, Idaho. Crafted completely from paper,

Look closely at this assortment of incredibly detailed body paintings by Italian artist Johannes Stötter. For this collection, models are staged and camouflaged with paint to create stunning still life and landscape portraits. Love! 

Fallen Tree Bench, Benjamin Graindorge

Designer Benjamin Graindorge’s Fallen Tree Bench is on display this week at Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland. The minimalist furniture piece was crafted solely from a carved oak tree and a slab of glass.

Neon Luminance, From the Lenz

Comparable to the Aurora Borealis, but in a much different spectrum, Neon Luminance is a project series that boasts vibrant lights seamlessly illuminating California waterfalls.

Ian Blake – Stone Footprints

How adorable is this collection of little feet?! Using stones, Scottish photographer Ian Blake has put together the cutest assortment of feet entitled, “Stone Footprints.” When flipping through the images, it’s almost impossible not to smile.  

Tree Roots from Above, Giuseppe Licari

What if up was down, and down was up?  (Sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss story). Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari has created a world where seeing things from the other side is the norm with his recent installation entitled Humus.

Glass House, Santambrogio Milano

Located in Milan, Italy, far away from the city, the Glass House aims for transparency, it becomes a little bit invisible if you look it in the panoramic. Conceptualized by Italian architect Santambrogio Milano, the Glass House doesn’t interfere in the landscape, merging with the background, merging with the weather, it makes harmony with nature.


Artist Cornelia Konrads has discovered an evoloved medium in public art. The Germany native effectively creates gravity defying installations on chosen landscapes. Sticks, logs, and even snowballs appear to float in mid-air, stopping passers by and animals (I’m sure) in their tracks to stare in amazement. See more of Cornelia’s mind-bending installations here!

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