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Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy

The Abyss Table, brilliantly designed by Christopher Duffy, is nothing short of breathtaking beautiful. During construction, layer upon layer of wood and glass are meticulously stacked to create a visual that mirrors a topography

Take a look at the world around you and be inspired! The Oyster chair by Madrid based studio Kawamura Ganjavian takes on the compact nature of an oyster shell with the ingenuity of a sleek and contemporary design.  Constructed from a felt material, the cleverly built frame can be easily unfurled from a folded box into a Continue Reading

Dovecote Studio – Haworth Tompkins

© Philip Vile © Philip Vile Modern design meets old world charm in the art studio situated on the renowned music campus of Dovecote Studio. The project, led by London based firm, Haworth Tompkins 

PINSOFA 1 – Demeter Fogarasi

The Pinsofa by Demeter Fogarasi puts a creative spin on the traditional seating arrangement. “ Walking through the classroom with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, I discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the

The hotel group Sand Hill Road has teamed with up with Techne’ Architects for their fifth collaboration, this time working to successfully transform a once iconic 1940s public house into a visually captivating Prahran Hotel design. In an attempt to give the building a much needed structural

Hydrofloors – Swimming Pools

Wishing you had an indoor swimming pool but thinking you’re a little short on space? We may have found a design solution that can solve all of your problems! Introducing Hydrofloors.

Silhouette Floating Lamp, Angela Jansen

Designed by Angela Jansen, part owner of a lighting company called Light Light, the Silhouette Floating Lamp features a modern twist on a classic lamp design. With a wooden base, the futuristic lamp is not an optical illusion, it really floats in mid air!

The Big Basket – Ola Gillgreen

It’s almost time for Easter and who wouldn’t love to receive an oversized basket? Well, this time around I have my eye on a basket of a different sort. Designed by Ola Gillgreen, this “Big Basket” chair, woven in seemingly the same manner as that of a traditional wicker basket, immediately catches your eye through Continue Reading

Inception Chair

Hong Kong native, Vivian Chiu recently introduced her innovative chair design called Inception Chair to the world. The designer works with organic material in order to create sculptural and functional furniture that might leave you taking a closer look. The

Innovation C

So I’m thinking we should incorporate theses Innovation C swivel seats into our University classrooms. It’s practical, takes up less space than a desk and chair, and simply put, they’re just more fun. With no set “front” or “back” the multi-functional swivel allows you to sit as you choose. With the add on table,

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