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Wake Up Dear – Pendants

  I ran into designer Suzuko Hisata last week while at the local Atlanta FLOR store and she told me a little bit about her latest design project. With a background in both interior and industrial design, Suzuko and her design partner Gavin Berrnard have formed an Atlanta-based firm called, “Wake Up Dear.” Their latest Continue Reading

Richard Clarkson – Cloud

Richard Clarkson is an extremely talented designer who often splits his time between New York and New Zealand. Featured below is one of his most visually striking creations called “Cloud.” The interactive fixture uses a motion sensor

Neon Luminance, From the Lenz

Comparable to the Aurora Borealis, but in a much different spectrum, Neon Luminance is a project series that boasts vibrant lights seamlessly illuminating California waterfalls.

After having studied  at the University of Arizona, artist Kristen Hassenfeld now creates beautiful paper crafted ornamentations that, when hung in clusters, have a way of completely transforming a space. Each delicate installation is light infused giving off a soft glow.

Celebration Chandelier

In a world where our everyday choices on the subject of material selections and energy consumption has started to take its toll on our natural environment, green designs have become exceptional important in the movement to help reduce our footprint in the world. Check out this amazing chandelier created by London based designer Alkesh Parmar. Continue Reading

Fratelli Lounge

Fratelli Lounge is a cool swanky club located in Bucharest Romania known for its creative use of layering when it comes to colors, patterns and extreme graphics. Designed by Twin Studios, the interior showcases graffiti walls and a pretty spectacular orchestrated lighting system. Adding in an eclectic mix of furnishing, the completed design works to

Silhouette Floating Lamp, Angela Jansen

Designed by Angela Jansen, part owner of a lighting company called Light Light, the Silhouette Floating Lamp features a modern twist on a classic lamp design. With a wooden base, the futuristic lamp is not an optical illusion, it really floats in mid air!

L.E.D. Wine Cellar, Jamie Beckwith

Better than any vineyard or wine cellar you’ve ever seen, this Middle Tennessee home has the coolest blue LED wine cellar EVER.


Headlights, Stephen Shaheen

Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Shaheen cleverly creates lamp installations that resemble humans struggling to illuminate themselves. Appropriately titled Headlight, the designer utilizes found recycled materials

21 Swings – Daily Tous Les Jours

As a kid, who didn’t love musical chairs?! Set up as an interactive display, Canadian designers of  Daily Tous Les Jours have put together a series of singing swings entitled 21 Balançoires that were constructed to entice onlookers to simply take  a break from the hustle and bustle and make room for a little lighthearted fun. Stationed on Continue Reading

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