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Repeaterphile, Chris Marsden

London based graphic designer Chris Marsden recreates iconic pop culture portraits by using simple geometric shapes and colors. Titled Repeaterphile, the graphic collection of works allows your eyes to easily pick up on the photograph being replicated

Fratelli Lounge

Fratelli Lounge is a cool swanky club located in Bucharest Romania known for its creative use of layering when it comes to colors, patterns and extreme graphics. Designed by Twin Studios, the interior showcases graffiti walls and a pretty spectacular orchestrated lighting system. Adding in an eclectic mix of furnishing, the completed design works to

What can you create with a Bic ballpoint pen? Spanish Artist Juan Francisco Casas has managed to capture and recreate the candid quirky sporadic moments that are filled with so much life and energy. The photos, at least for me, all bring you back to a time where nothing was pressing, everything was done in leisure and Continue Reading

Anrealage’s 2011 Pixel Line

No need to reload the page, what you’re witnessing is Japanese designer, Kunihiko Morinaga’s latest Pixel collection for his fashion line, Anrealage. The theme of Morinaga’s 2011 collection takes us back circa 1980- the Pacman era where tiny squares of color were all the rave in the graphic and

What a cool ad! To promote Dry the River’s recent single “No Rest,” the band decided to team up with FOAM (an agency aimed towards creating innovative advertising and branding ideas for artist) and graphic designer Xavier Barrade, to create an unique advertising scheme. They came up with this intriguing idea of constructing 3-d paper Continue Reading

In school my major was advertising, with the goal to one day be a Creative Director for an agency or an International company. Of all of the inspirational ads I’ve seen, this German ad campaign for the online recruitment website, Jobsintown.de is one of my favorites. Berlin ad agency, Scholz and Friends,

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