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Bold, geometric sculptures, designed to resemble low polygon 3D renderings are being spotted all over the world. Polygons, in theory, can have any number of sides but they are

What can you do with a sharpie marker? Scientific illustrator Danny Quirk uses them to create an amazing collection of realistic anatomical illustrations that work to help us better understand the complex layering and

Illustrative Artist – Ben Heine

Let me introduce you to Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist, and photographer Ben Heine. When I happened across some of his awesome illustrations, I couldn’t wait to share! Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and currently living in Brussels, Belgium, Heine seems to have a keen eye for photography, as well as an endless imagination. His work, Continue Reading

Yulia Bordskaya, an illustrator and artist born in Russia (Moscow) in 1983, has become well known for her elegantly handmade graphic illustrations. With a love of art rooted in textile painting, origami and collages, she has somehow managed to combine these elements to create her own unique

I am completely infatuated with French artist, Francoise Nielly‘s massive paintings- they are downright sexy. I am always inspired by female artists, and Francoise is topping my list at the moment. Surprisingly, her illuminating portraits, sometimes 6 feet in height are produced while she looks at black and white photos, smoothing the oil paint on Continue Reading

Shaka – An AMAZING Artist

This art display will blow your mind! Take a long look at the talented work of Shaka (Marchal Mithouard). His artistic creations are graphically compelling. His sculpted techniques give his otherwise flat imagery a three-dimensional quality. I would love to get a glimpse of these portraits up

Brazilian fashion magazine, Criativa recently featured this eye-catching editorial in the June issue entitled “Borderless”. Shot by photographer Gui Paganini and styled by Renata Corrêa, the editorial features vibrant pieces and mixed patterns. I really love the graphic color blocking incorporated into the shoot.

I’m blown away by the amount of creative talent that can be seen in the works of graffiti artist ARYZ. The crazy part? He’s only twenty-two! Born in Barcelona, ARYZ’s illustrative works can be seen outfitted alongside abandoned buildings throughout New York, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Bosnia-

Pop Art by Kii Arens

Pop artist, Kii Arens is easily one of my top favorite graphic designers. Growing up, this Minneapolis native was fascinated with music. He has designed posters for bands, singers, and even Woodstock. His work adds a modern twist to Andy Warhol’s art and drips with vibrant color and cool


Paint simply won’t do Andreas Kocks justice. The New York based artist can create some seriously intriguing artworks out of paper. His exhibitions, entitled Paperworks, are more along the lines of the sculpture medium with the massive paper cut outs. Don’t let your eyes fool you- these splattered works of

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