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Fratelli Lounge

Fratelli Lounge is a cool swanky club located in Bucharest Romania known for its creative use of layering when it comes to colors, patterns and extreme graphics. Designed by Twin Studios, the interior showcases graffiti walls and a pretty spectacular orchestrated lighting system. Adding in an eclectic mix of furnishing, the completed design works to

I’m blown away by the amount of creative talent that can be seen in the works of graffiti artist ARYZ. The crazy part? He’s only twenty-two! Born in Barcelona, ARYZ’s illustrative works can be seen outfitted alongside abandoned buildings throughout New York, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Bosnia-

Reverse Graffiti

The once taboo form of graffiti art has taken a turn for the better. Reverse graffiti is a completely legal form of street art, in fact, it actually cleans up the community it’s in. By pressure washing away dirt and grime off of walls, these various graffiti artists create environmentally friendly works of art onto Continue Reading

Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi is hands down the coolest chick in the graffiti game.  I was introduced to her work by a good friend back in 2006 and fell in love with her girly, vibrant, super cool characters, the Fafinettes. You might have seen some of her work featured in M.A.C., Coca-

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