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Take a look at the world around you and be inspired! The Oyster chair by Madrid based studio Kawamura Ganjavian takes on the compact nature of an oyster shell with the ingenuity of a sleek and contemporary design.  Constructed from a felt material, the cleverly built frame can be easily unfurled from a folded box into a Continue Reading

This brilliantly styled Malibu residence designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados is a showcase for fine art, contemporary furnishings and innovative architecture. The interior boasts a home theater, an indoor pool (encased in clear glass) and gym. Crisp white walls help to accentuate each colored accent and work

Little Strong Man, Natanel Gluska

Using wood and metal for fabrication, Israel-born sculptor Natanel Gluska molds imaginative and unique furniture pieces. His creative style enables Natanel to build tables, chairs, and lamps that are replicas of people and animals.  Placed in the right location, Gluska’s creations make fantastic conversation pieces! 

QWERTY Sofa, ZO_Loft

We’ve all had long days and nights where we find ourselves waking up, wiping slob from our faces only to find we have fallen asleep on the computer keyboard. It’s a sad case (and quite uncomfortable), but the work never ends!

Project Zipper, THE:Zoom

Korean design team THE:Zoom is behind this whimsical furniture collection appropriately titled, Project [ZIP:PER]. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the zig zag cut furniture resembles (you guessed it!) zippers!

The Up Table by Christopher Duffy

Up Up and Away!! Take a look at this beautifully hand made coffee table, delightfully designed by Christopher Duffy, that gives the illusion of a table top being elevated above series of gold balloons. It’s a whimsical design entitled ‘UP’ that showcases an eye for detail as, upon

Balans Chair

Balans Chair

Scooch in, lean back and take a seat inside of Peter Opsvik’s innovatively designed Balans Chair. Without compromising the seats structural support, Opsviks, with the help of Varier, created a gravity defying design that gives users the feeling of  effortless floating mid-air. With four varying positions that

Swing Table

Swing Table by Duffy London

This Thanksgiving, we present to you a new outlook on the Kiddie Table! Because you’re never too grown to have a little fun, Duffy London’s four poster Swing Table brings enjoyment to any occassion, whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or a boardroom meeting.

The eye-catching “Leather Collection” designed by Maarten De Ceulaer in collaboration with leather artisan Ralph Baggaley, was inspired by the designers love of travel and exploration. Outfitted in a leather frame sporting an infinite amount of detail and heavy craftsmanship, it’s almost impossible for one to really appreciate the design until you’ve stepped close enough to see Continue Reading

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