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Be transported into a colorful world of whimsy through the work of  Korean artist JeeYoung Lee. The backdrop of each photo is tediously built up within the perimeters of her miniscule 11.8 x 13.5′ studio space.  Though the available

Ernesto Neto – Abstract Installations

Ernesto Neto is a brilliant artist most known for his creative abstract installations.  Working with thin pieces of stretched fabric,  Ernesto creates unique and interactive experiences that beckons visitors in to take a peek inside this world filled with wonder. Each


Fun Friday! On Space and Time Foam

Located in an airplane hangar in Milan, Italy, check out these creatively design  Massive moon-bouce-esque installation straight from a childlike dream . Designed by  Argentinian artist Tomàs Saraceno the exhibit is set to be on display through February 3, just enough time for thrill seekers to bounce, play and float in mid-air!


Helium Balloon Suspended Bridge, UK

French designer Olivier Grossetête has installed a dreamy floating bridge over a lake in the UK’s Tatton Japanese Garden. Suspended in mid air by three helium balloons, Pont de Singe (Imitation Bridge) transcends both engineering and design principles. How surreal and and thought provoking is this dynamic installation?!

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