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SIT – A Haunting Series

 Sit ”Haiiro” creates intensely bold and visually striking works of art by intermixing elements of nature, death, degeneration and decay with humanistic characteristics. Each image tells a thought provoking story allowing viewers to get a small glimpse inside the mind of Dutch artist Sit. The result is a “haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid.” Continue Reading

Hermit Crabs in the Big City, Aki Inomata

I remember when I was little my brother used to collect hermit crabs because, along with POGS and Super Mario,  crabs were some big craze in the mid 90′s. We used to watch the crabs dig around in their sandy makeshift habitat, and my brother would pick them up, daring the stinging pinch of the Continue Reading

Montreal based artist Laurence Vallières uses up-cycled cardboard cutouts from found boxes to create her imaginative collection of animals. Each design seemingly comes to life as a highly animated visually intriguing work of art. Once completed, the layered pieces of cardboard work to give each animal a signature look distinctive to the artist.  

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Welcome to Giraffe Manor where giraffes roam free across the 12 acre hotel grounds providing, for each guest, an altogether uniquely amazing adventure. Located in Kenya, the 1930s luxury boutique hotel has become well known for its old school charm and of course oversized guests known as the Rothschild Giraffe.

Far Out Fashion – Kobi Levi

Stretching the limits of creativity while still maintaining a sense of practicality, footwear designer Kobi Levi has taken his designs forms to an entirely new level. Featuring everything from birds to coffee pots, slingshots and bananas, his handmade collection is not for those unwilling to take a risk when it comes to style and fashion. Continue Reading

Talk about funky furnishings, artist Maximo Riera has put together an Animal Chair collection that features exquisitely sculpted wild life creatures for backs. One might think that such a design would come off as playful and gaudy, but instead they are brilliantly stylish and fashionably formed.  Inspired by his travels throughout Europe and the Caribbean Islands, the Continue Reading

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