These delicate silk scarves are so much more than simply a fashion statement. They are a gateway into the galaxy, a wearable piece of art made to showcase breathtaking images captured by the NASA Hubble telescope. Working to mix “open data” (the idea that set information should be freely accessible to the public without any restrictions or fear of copyright infringements) and fashion, the Slowfactory, in collaboration with artist Zohar from Pattern Recognition, has worked to put together a stunning collection of scarves that boast different views of ours solar system. Take a look and fall in love with the idea of wrapping yourself in the “immense beauty of the Universe.”

 “When I was a child, my dream was to be an astronaut. I wanted to float in space in contemplation of all the surrounding beauty and immense mystery that could not be seen. Imagining space became a way to ground me. For people who know me in real life, I am very high energy and hyper-active person. Meditating has become an essential part of my balance and peace of mind. Meditation is a way to allow your brain to have a nap as it contemplates beauty….Our nebulas and supernovas scarves are made to be a reminder of how we can find beauty in science, data and the mystery of our universe. Open Data and fashion is a collaboration of the utilitarian cloth and the celebration of knowledge concerning the simple everyday things.”


Images and Information via:  The Slowfactory

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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