Looking to add some visual interest to your long and otherwise uninteresting hallway? Try a custom runner! While designing this newly remodeled office in Atlanta, Ga, my clients came to me with the request for something cool and colorful in their long and narrow hall. Traditionally, we tend to incorporate color on the walls through the use of paint or artwork. For this design, I decided to make the FLOR our work of art. Using carpet squares, I was able to create and cut a customer runner design.

Once the color scheme was finalized, I then turned my focus to the design. After having previously mocked up several different options for laying out the squares, everything changed once we got the tiles in the space. Instead of sticking to the original blueprint, I decided to rework the design and create a completely different layout on site. The result is a cool and graphic design that you won’t find anywhere else.

Images by : Georgette Mosley

Interior Design by: Georgette Mosley

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