Say goodbye to your boring traditional carpet and say HELLO to FLOR! So what exactly is this brilliant idea? FLOR is a modern and sustainable modular system that allows you the freedom to creatively construct your own personalized carpet tile design that reflects your decorative style while meeting your design needs. Whether you’re looking to do a wall-to-wall installation or simply create an area rug for a little added visual interest, FLOR makes for the perfect solution. As each FLOR is created and built up using 19.7” squares (all made from recycled content) you can simply choose, create and build up your FLOR tile design based on color, pattern and texture.  As their selection gallery offers a vast array of tile patterns and designs, when creating your own FLOR, you will find that the possibilities are seemingly endless! Since each FLOR is constructed by piecing together squares using FLOR dots, if a stain was to ever appear on one of your tiles, that single FLOR square could be simply taken up replaced. If this incident were to happened to your traditional carpet, your entire rug may have to be removed.  Take a peek at some of these designs below and be inspired by ways in which you can create your own one of a kind FLOR!

For inquiries on purchasing or design ideas

Georgette Mosley – Flor Sales Associate 

Phone: 404. 685.1601



Photos via: FLOR | Brian Patrick Flynn | Alexander Johnson

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