In a world where our everyday choices on the subject of material selections and energy consumption has started to take its toll on our natural environment, green designs have become exceptional important in the movement to help reduce our footprint in the world. Check out this amazing chandelier created by London based designer Alkesh Parmar. Using everyday objects, the chandelier was built up using corks from bottles that had initially been thrown away and discarded. We love it! 

Words from the Designer

Celebration Chandelier is an ethically correct solution to waste generated from bars and restaurants, a system for them to be re-introduced into the environments they are discarded from. The cork by-product from champagne and wine bottles are used as a valuable raw material to create innovative lighting pieces.

The chandeliers were created after noticing the vast streams of corks being thrown away daily from champagne bars. The cork is hand crafted into individual lamps, each with its own LED bulb, to create a neutral and honest chandelier. The eco friendly lighting fixtures are custom made to suit different interiors such as living rooms, restaurants and bars. Each design has its own unique form to grace the décor it will become a part of.

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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