August 2013

  Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling epitomizes the definition of having the “vision”. Using different textured leaves from her garden, she creatively fashions elegant evening gowns that could jump off the page and walk down the red carpet!

Innerspace Productions, a company founded in 1997 by Rob Innes (a New Zealand boat builder) and Dan Piazza (a machinist), designs and develops customized high performance submersible watercrafts called Seabreachers. The vessels can go up to 40mph on the surface and 20mph

Summer is in full swing, making it the best time to present some fresh ideas to the world! Martin Jakobesen, a minimalist designer and current student of the Technical University of Liberec, has spent the last 6 months working on a new product for the Dutch company Vinice. The result is an

  A collaboration 5 years in waiting is finally hitting Target on September 15, and we couldn’t be more excited! Chinese  fashion mogul Phillip Lim lends his draw dropping designs to an assortment of classically wearable wardrobe staples for any person on the go.

 Sit ”Haiiro” creates intensely bold and visually striking works of art by intermixing elements of nature, death, degeneration and decay with humanistic characteristics. Each image tells a thought provoking story allowing viewers to get a small glimpse inside the mind of Dutch artist Sit. The result is a “haunting series that is simultaneously sexy and morbid.” Continue Reading

I remember when I was little my brother used to collect hermit crabs because, along with POGS and Super Mario,  crabs were some big craze in the mid 90′s. We used to watch the crabs dig around in their sandy makeshift habitat, and my brother would pick them up, daring the stinging pinch of the Continue Reading

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