As a kid, who didn’t love musical chairs?! Set up as an interactive display, Canadian designers of  Daily Tous Les Jours have put together a series of singing swings entitled 21 Balançoires that were constructed to entice onlookers to simply take  a break from the hustle and bustle and make room for a little lighthearted fun. Stationed on a long narrow strip between a music building and science center, the exhibit exudes key elements associated with both making it the perfect centerpiece. The swings are virtually one large scaled interactive musical instrument. Depending on the color coding, each swing was programmed to spill out a different tune. Only when each swing is swung in unison can perfect harmony be achieved.  We love it! 

Artivle via: Colossal

Images via: Olivier Blouin.

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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