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Bold, geometric sculptures that resemble computerized polygon 3D renderings are popping up all over the world! French artist Xavier Veilhan sculpts vibrant replicas of animals, people and other objects to resemble graphically designed pictures. Read more

This year I have immersed myself in learning the art of imagery. To expand my knowledge, I’m always reading books, articles, blogs, checking out fonts and screen shooting Instagram photos (you do it too). My task has been to study the art in capturing images that evoke emotion, to find the Read more

South Korean designer and artist Seung Yong Song‘s latest project titled Object-O offers the occupant cozy seclusion in a well-lit space. Materialized from birch wood and Korean paper, the lantern like covering encircles a well-lit chair. Read more

Located in the north-east region of France is the brilliantly styled Gue(ho)st House designed by artist Berdaguer & Péjus (Christopher and Marie). Taking on the challenge of giving the town’s Contemporary Art Center – the Synagogue of Delm, a fresh new look, the renovated Read more

Harvard University graduate Jennifer Rubell has created some pretty outstanding art installations, mostly in the form of food. Her sweetest installation by far is called Padded Cell which was an 8 X 16 freestanding room constructed of basic building materials Read more


As a native of St. Petersburg currently residing in Rome,  innovative artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses books as a canvas for her latest collection.  Layered with black ink, each painting spans across the pages of old books and documents to create a composition that merges the lines between painting, installation and collage.  Read more


19 year old Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi’s latest series called Real Life Models explores what models of classic paintings would look like if they were as abstract as the paintings portrayed. Read more

Today we revisit timeless and luxurious shoes by London-based brand T & F Slack. Recently collaborating with British company Double Select, Slack has created a few limited-edition designs. Read more

Designer Benjamin Graindorge’s Fallen Tree Bench is on display this week at Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland. The minimalist furniture piece was crafted solely from a carved oak tree and a slab of glass. Read more

Reflecting on the devastating 1906 earthquake that destroyed parts of San Francisco, artist Shawn Clover has created a series of images in which he merges vintage photographs taking right after the quake with modern day stills. The photos each tell a story, allowing you to take in both the present and past in one frame. The powerful Read more

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