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French born, London based Graphic Illustrator Malika Favre envisions beauty in simplicity. Her art has been featured in magazine ads for companies such as Gucci, ALDO, Vogue, and Marie Claire. Read more

Go green and grab a skateboard! We’re dedicating today’s post to the celebration of skateboarding through vintage photography.

“Skateboarding first appeared as a hobby in the 1950s when California surfers started attaching roller skate wheels to the bottoms of their boards and to boxes in order to “surf” on the pavement. Eventually, companies started producing the first versions of flat skateboard decks that were made out of pressed wood. By 1963, Read more

Michael Rosner’s meticulously detailed body paintings will take you out of this world! The visual manipulation created with the help of an airbrush and steady hand is nothing short of amazing. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Rosner intermixes saturated hues with intense lighting to create designs that are reflective of his appreciate of the arts, architecture and fantasy. The collection celebrates the richness, beauty and strength of the model while allowing viewers to venture into this wonderful world of fantasy through each rendition. With every detail, the model is transformed into a breathtaking character somewhat reminiscent of the designs seen in Avatar.

Photographed: Tas Lumir, Ash Gupta/838 Media GroupDavid Gueringer Photography

Written by: Shannon Mcauliffe

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Prepare to be blown away by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye! The paintings in this collection are so unbelievably life-like that, upon first glance, one could easily be misled to believe that the renditions are indeed lifelike. To build up the design, Lye slowly fills the base with resin, alternating it seamlessly with layers of paint to  ultimately create a perspective image. As the collection began to evolve, Lye begin to expand the construction of the designs to include elements that protrude above the Read more

         Visually immerse yourself into the world of Beth Hoeckel where stunning images are creatively built up in her Point of View collection with the help of vintage photographs. Using material taken from publications dating back to the 40’s up until the early 70’s, Hoeckel seeks to unearth ones natural reaction as it pertains to the Read more

Can you believe that this stunningly styled space is a bank?! Designed by Paris based architect Fabrice Ausset of Zoevox. as a concept bank for the BNP Paribas, this visually captivating design filled with rich colors, over the top embellishments and a slightly vintage flair, found its home in the  Place de l’Opéra, a renovated historical Read more

Located in Victoria Park  Hong Kong, Golden Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland is  a magical space featuring lanterns hanging from the interior of a sunburst inspired cabana.  Read more

The captivating  “Vessels and Blooms” photo series shot by talented photographer Jack Long was created using poured paint strategically splashed about to appear as beautifully assorted flowers grounded in colored vases. Each image is captured in a single frame using a high speed exposure camera. As the Read more

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