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Check out the works of Benoit Jammes, a  graphic designer currently residing in Paris, France. Using old cassette tapes, Benoit has put together a collection of handmade pieces that are colorful, cool and creative.  Read more

Who knew paper could be crafted into something so visually captivating? Take a look at Brooklyn based artist Lauren Clay’s paper-mache structures! Each piece is built up using wiring and wood. As strips of paper are delicately placed in a pattern, they create a flowing three dimensional ombre effect.  By titling her pieces names such as Moan about the Present, Venerate the Past or Granny Takes a Trip, she brings about a vivacious pop to the preception of Read more

Didn’t you hate when your mom would stifle your pure creative genius when she would yell at you, “Don’t play with your food!”? Yeah, if only my mom had let me develop my uncanny dinner imagination, I might have become as good as… (oh, who am I kidding?)

Featured previously on UDO Mag for her portrait work using only coffee as a medium, Malaysian artist Hong Yi has quite the imagination when it comes to creating with her food. Read more

The Skyhouse, a penthouse suite located in New York, is a beautiful merge of brilliant architecture and design. The space features a tubular slide, constructed from high polished stainless steel, that is used to connect the upstairs living space to the library on the main level. The structure becomes a staple piece throughout the design as it can be seen coiling throughout the airy apartment. The entire Read more

Belgian Florist of Baltimore Bloemen, Mark Colle, is ‘blooming’ into the public eye with his captivating floral collaborations! We love with the towering centerpieces of the Jill Sander Ready to Wear Fall 2012 collection and the fresh flower walls at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2012 collection mingled fantasy and reality.

Over a million fresh flowers were used in Dior’s “Flower Women” collection! Read more

Born in New Jersey, creative artist Peter Root  has put together quite the visual masterpiece using nothing more than staples! With a background in architecture, art and design his creation, a remarkable cityscape, was a tedious labor of love Read more

Sculpture artist Jonathan Brilliant definitely lives up to his name. Check out his chandelier installation crafted from 60,000 coffee stir sticks woven in place and held by tension. Read more

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