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Take a leap into the enchanting world of Alex Stoddard, an extraordinarily gifted 19-year-old fine arts photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. His works, a surreal mix of actuality and fantasy, have a way of drawing you in with every unique frame and Read more

International installation artist Florentijn Hofman travels the world creating whimsical larger-than-life animal sculptures. In order to encourage a conversation about social issues through humor, the massive installations are Read more

Books are a great escape into the worlds unknown, and this week artist Guy Laramee shows us that the adventure doesn’t have to come solely through reading.  Laramee has recently completed a new series of works where he builds up beautiful landscapes and topographical features using books. The stunning works of art are literally jumping off the page creating, within the covers, a somewhat breathtaking rendition of nature’s beauty.


Article via: Colossal 

Written by: Georgette Mosley

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Traditional phone booths have long since gone out of style (and use) with the emergence of cell phones. However, a group of Japanese art students called Kingyobu or “goldfish club” began the revival of classic glass phone booths. By creating jaw dropping goldfish Read more

After having studied  at the University of Arizona, artist Kristen Hassenfeld now creates beautiful paper crafted ornamentations that, when hung in clusters, have a way of completely transforming a space. Each delicate installation is light infused giving off a soft glow. Read more

Ernesto Neto is a brilliant artist most known for his creative abstract installations.  Working with thin pieces of stretched fabric,  Ernesto creates unique and interactive experiences that beckons visitors in to take a peek inside this world filled with wonder. Each Read more

By blending fantasy with reality, photographer and painter Alexandra Valenti creates psychedelic portraits overflowing with beauty and enchantment.  Her works exude a vintage air, capturing a story that extends beyond the lens of a camera, further Read more

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