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You know the famous saying that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world? Well artist and photographer Francois Brunelle, has started a new project entitled, “I’m Not a Look Alike” that encourages people to find their non related matching pair for the opportunity to be featured in his latest collection. Each photograph features two Read more

Better than any vineyard or wine cellar you’ve ever seen, this Middle Tennessee home has the coolest blue LED wine cellar EVER. Read more

Photographer Tim Walker is well renowned for his stunningly staged images designed to transport viewers into a carefree world filled with magic and wonder. Each image looks to be stemmed straight from a fairy tale portrait, except in this scene, the characters are all wearing the latest in haute Read more

Classic wingtip dress shoes are back in style for both men and women.  We love that designers Ronnie Fieg and Doc Marten are teaming up to  playfully experiment with non-traditional patterns and colors for the stylish shoes. Read more

Up Up and Away!! Take a look at this beautifully hand made coffee table, delightfully designed by Christopher Duffy, that gives the illusion of a table top being elevated above series of gold balloons. It’s a whimsical design entitled ‘UP’ that showcases an eye for detail as, upon Read more

Who doesn’t remember painstakingly, yet joyfully scouring the house for EVERY pillow, blanket and quilt in order to build the PERFECT fort? On a cold day, it would be nice to reminisce on cozy afternoons spent in your personal, private abode  in the middle of their mom’s living room. Read more

Atlanta based artist Dorothy O’Connor has become well known for her extraordinary works as a photographer, costume designer and set builder. Through her exhibitions, she combines her talents to create visually impressive works of art that teleport you into a whimsical world Read more


Who could resist the excitement of going to work every morning if your office space reflected a design such as this?! For the Yandex office located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Za Bor Architects headed by Peter Zaytsev and Arseniy Borisenko, the team worked to create a brilliantly bold design that is sure to Read more


Michael Grab knows how to defy gravity! The Land artist creates towers of balanced rocks throughout Boulder, Colorado, not only to challenge the laws of science, but to seek therapeutic meditation. Read more

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