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So Fall/Winter is upon us…yet again! Nipping at our noses and making walking from your front door to the car the longest trek ever! With today’s featured product, though, you can be certain that you’ll have one less winter dilemma this season. Technology company, Quirky, has invented finger pads for your gloves that enable you to actually answer a phone call without the hassle of exposing your hands to freezing temperatures. By using your pre-owned gloves, Read more

cocoon tent

Designed to create for its users a unique camping experience unlike the traditional, the ’Cocoon Tree‘ was configured around an aluminum frame constructed to sit gently nestled amongst the trees giving you a new perspective on the surrounding terrain. With a center that consists of a high density Read more

Aakash Nihalani

Go ahead, take a second look! These works have a way of manipulating your perspective. Outlined using geometric shapes, these creative displays, constructed by New York based artist Aakash Nihalani, were put together with the help of a little colored tape. In the end, each design is built up to trick Read more


Modern, minimal, and cool, this perfect summer getaway is nestled away in the eastern part of an island in Greece called Paros Cyclades. Built and designed by Alexandros Logodotis, the house embraces traditional Cyclades architecture. Breathtaking views and a pool that seems to meld into the side Read more

Ivy Woodrose

Looking for a small showpiece to compliment and enhance your fashionable ensemble? Look no further than Ivy Woodrose! Established in 1999 by Ivy Solomon, these beautifully handcrafted designs are like stunningly detailed small works of art showcased on a pendent frame. Growing up as an artist, Ivy Read more

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

Bursting at the seams with layers of color, texture and pattern, this amazingly designed playscape, created by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, was actually inspired by one of her earlier art showings. While visiting the exhibition, some kids questioned the artist about whether or not her large scaled crochet works were made to be interactive. Hesitantly agreeing, Toshiko watched and seemingly became inspired at the sight of the children scaling up her Read more


In an update of New Orleans-based artist Craig Tracy, we take a look at more of his amazing works of art on the human body. The canvas (ahem, person)  magically morphs int0 the landscape, city scape, or animal that Tracy decides to paint. At first sight, you might not even register that a human being is actually in the artwork! Read more

Gábor Miklós Szőke

Check out these creatively configured large scaled works of art assembled together with wooden slats! Designed by Budapest, Hungary-born artist Gábor Miklós Szőke, the contemporary designs range from colorfully saturated to monochromatically styled. Well known throughout the art world, his works can be found in various places across the globe. Read more


In the pre-spirit of Halloween, today we feature a different perspective on petty coats. Photographer Daryl Banks, inspired by the beautiful flowers in Toronto’s High Park, shot these vibrant (and maybe a little scandalous) photos featuring layers of crinoline material and legs. The photographic results Read more

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