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Today we’re showcasing an impressive sculptural collection by Anna-Wili Highfield that’s overflowing with an unexpected mixture of various animals ranging from horses to cows, all hand made from biodegradable cotton paper. Constructed on top of a wire frame for added stability, each piece is uniquely fashioned using strips of paper that have later been dressed in watercolors and ink. Having had works commissioned by such companies as Anthropologie and Hermes, Highfield has become well sought after for her ability to create stunning and slightly whimsical creatures that also carry with them a slightly unrefined edge.

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Meet The Bommel. Myra Klose of the German design firm MYK successfully combines hand crafted furniture and comfort by bundling several hundred strands of the finest wool together to create Bommel furniture, aka Pompon. There are up to 1300 woollen pompons in each chair, rug or pouf pieced together to form a single big cuddly colorful piece of furniture. The Bommels make me feel like a kid again!

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Though the display is long gone and no longer up for your viewing pleasure, when we stumbled upon (not literally the site) this eye catching visually of an oversized yellow rabbit that seems to have dropped out of the sky and landed amongst the center of the Swedish town square, we couldn’t help but share! For last year’s biennale openART festival in Orebro, Sweden, Dutch artists Florentijn Hofman came up with the unconventional idea of creating a large scaled yellow bunny, using only local materials and craftsmen, in hopes of recreating the given environment and change the visitors perspective on the traditionally designed space. Hofman, most known for his large scaled works that push the boundaries of creativity while bringing a new found dimension and outlook on the spaces in which he invades, works to alter the viewers initial and immediate perception of spaces.  Made out of locally manufactured shingles, wood, concrete and metal and with the help of 25 local craftsmen volunteering their time,  Hofman was able to create a sight that could not be  missed nor will it be easily forgotten.

images via: Inhabitat

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Chinese design firm, Deve Build Design was recently responsible for designing the Tianxi Oriental Club in Huizhou, China. Beautifully executed design with wooden planks and high ceilings add  depth to the space. Modern interior seating gives the club a natural aesthetic while the flooring and other furniture provide a cozy feel. It’s safe to say, the Tianxi is naturally charming!

Peter Aurisch, a tattoo artist based out of Berlin, Germany, creates amazing one of a kind works of art that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Each piece mirrors Peter’s signature style, merging a whimsical aesthetic with an overall edgy and visually enticing demeanor.  His tattoos are exploding with creativity, as he intermingles a vast array of subjects and figures into his works, somehow they all come together to create an overall brilliant cohesive design. Want to see more? Be sure to check out his Facebook page to view his extensive collection.

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Remember the RGB wallpaper from the Milan-based firm, Carnovsky? Well, designers Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla are back at it, this time with vibrant wearable art that presents hidden pictures when seen under certain light. The designers have created a collection of three limited edition scarves, each woven from pure silk and imprinted with images of exotic animals which are only revealed with the aid of a color filter. The colors are brilliant, and even though you can’t make out the images upon first glance, the scarves are overwhelmingly captivating!

Remember our previous posting on artist Nick Gentry? Well it seems that he is back at again, making stunning works of art out of old and overlooked floppy disks, transforming them into remarkable large scaled works of art.  The pieces pop out at you, somewhat beckoning you to take a closer look as they engage you with their interesting use of color and slightly edgy outlook. Leaving the disks untouched enough to allow them to peep through the surface, each portrait reads as a memorable piece uniquely styled depending on the various use and incorporation of materials and label graphics.

Check out these retro phone handsets that can be used on any cellular or other communication device! Designed by renowned French designer David Turpin for the company Native Union, the POP Phone fuses classic 1950′s style telephones with modern technology. They can also be used with computers, laptops, tablets, etc.  Although the handsets look retro, the luxurious soft phone device is fitted with a first class speaker, a microphone, and noise reduction technology to produce quality sound. With people becoming more conscious of radiation issues that can possibly come with the extended use of cellular phones, the POP phone provides a sleek and stylish solution!

Today we’re showcasing a creative collection overflowing with brilliant colors and organic shapes. Designed by Maarten De Ceulaer, the assortment exudes a visually unexpected quality as the outer layer of fabric almost seems to be bubbling over and expanding like a chemical reaction. Instead of using your typical upholstering springs and foam structure, these pieces were constructed by forging together different shaped foamed spears from cut outs of various sizes. In the end, every piece is seemingly unique and impossible to recreate.


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