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As a lover of jewelry and unique stones, it’s no surprise that the Bjørg Jewellery collection caught my eye. Norwegian born Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen began making one-of-a-kind pieces in 2004 when she began traveling far and wide seeking inspiration for jewelry that embraced her nomadic lifestyle.

Bjørg releases two collections per year; one classic collection that showcases silver, diamonds and precious stones, and the Odyssey collection which breaks barriers and has its foundation in bronze. All materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation.

Bjørg’s latest collection takes its inspiration from the quest for gold in the far West. Modern cowboys will embrace this rustic  collection with its intriguing artifacts and pure uniqueness.

Take a peek at these amazing figurative sculptures made from iron nuts! For years, Spanish sculpture Manuel Martí Moreno has used his art to create forms meant to remind us of our mortality. As time passes, so do we. The intricate portraits all slowly fade into the distance, dissolving until there is seemingly nothing left.

The Art League Houston Vortex House looks like something that’s been photoshopped and rendered with special effects. Combining architecture and art, the tunnel house installation was created after a pair of people saw that the building was to be demolished and decided to transform it into a memorable display in its last dying days. Repurposing old wooden pieces found throughout the house itself, the artists created a tunnel that displays as a visual vortex piercing the home from the front entrance and steering out to the back. The house looks as though it’s been sucked into itself leaving a surreal view for those passing by. Though the project is no longer standing, during its last days, it gained a lot of attention from the art world as well as the neighbors I’m sure. It’s pretty amazing!

French design team Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari of Bonsoir Paris designed mind blowing sculptures that seem to be melting from the wall. Their medium? Wood! At first glance, the sculptures, titled Duramen , seem to be melted chocolate or goo, oozing from the frames that they surround. Fine woods such as oak, fir, wenge, pear, and linden were used in crafting these distorted sculptures.

DURAMEN is a series of handmade wooden sculptures. Born of a simple impulse, Bonsoir Paris and its team have imagined a series of frames so strongly mistreated that they have become unrecognizable. Their wish is to break the properties of the compound, a form of compromise as minimal as it is efficient. They found a subtle twist while remaining faithful to a primitive form of revolt, without getting lost in vain styles effects.


I might be more inspired to take leisurely walks if this was available in my neighborhood park. Designed by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, this elevated pathway showcased as a sculptural element, mimics the form of a turning roller coaster. The sculpture was named Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain (what an odd name for the piece) and is located on-top a hill in Duisburg, Germany. The view from the walking path is stunning as is the sculptural piece itself. Accessible to the public, visitors can climb along the sculpture as they please, though the large loop in the center prevents anyone from making a full circuit.

German design company, Biegert and Funk has possibly created the world’s most amazing clock that uses neither hands nor numbers, but words. The super suave QlockTwo features a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated by LED technology. The time is displayed as text in five minute intervals. For a more accurate display of time, just refer to the illuminated dots in each corner. Each timepiece is handcrafted from synthetic glass with a sleek, polished finished supported by a wooden body. Not only does the clock come in different colors, but also in different languages! QlockTwo Touch is the QlockTwo’s little sister, which is a smaller table alarm clock that can be placed virtually anywhere and features a simple touch snooze button. I need one of these Qlocks in EVERY color!

View a video if the QlockTwo in action.

Yes, though I’m aware that it’s winter and that the last thing on anyone’s mind is visiting an outdoor pool, I still couldn’t resist doing a write-up on this stunningly constructed outdoor space. Placed on the 55th floor, atop of the largest hotel in Singapore, is a spectacular view of the world’s largest infinity and outdoor pool located at that height. Alongside the Marina Bay waterfront, the Marina Bay Sands hotel features 3 hotel towers, on top of which is an outdoor sky park that screams high style and design.  The pool is made up of 422,000 pounds of stainless steel and can hold up to 376,500 gallons of water. It almost looks like you can swim right off the edge into the cityscape to infinity and beyond. Now wouldn’t this be a cool place to visit.

English designer Gareth Pugh designs couture for the likes of Lady Gaga or any other unconventional fashion icon. His latest Spring 2012 collection, Caged-In Couture, does not disappoint. Armed in black and white leather strapped jackets and dresses, models strutted down the runway in Pugh’s insanely amazing, goth inspired collection during Paris Fashion Week. I probably wouldn’t wear one of Pugh’s pieces out on the town, but I do think that this season’s over sized net-like sweaters took inspiration from the couture genius!

Frank Tjepkema born in 1970, grew up in Geneva, Brussels and New York. In 1989, he later moved to the Netherlands where he studied industrial design. His diverse background is reflected in his works as it ranges from elements of classically antique to overall modern. I first spotted some of his creations while looking over the new design for the pizzeria Restaurant Fabbrica in Bergen. To dine, you step up and into these unfinished train cabins for a cozy experience where the small details, such as the hanging chandeliers, create a sharp contrasts to the otherwise laid back decor. The design is quite simple, yet beautiful all the same, as the remaining areas, opened up by tall windows and glass ceiling, feature more of a rustic charm. On the walls, very large industrial wooden containers where placed that not only serve as a visual feature, but they also hold all the wood needed to fuel the pizzeria ovens.

His designs don’t stop at just interior, Tjepkema, who named his company Tjep, also has a furniture line and jewelry collection that feature items that are anything but the typical. Just have a look! You can check out his website to see more of his eclectic collection.

Check out these photo collages by George Chamoun featuring old and new Hollywood celebrities. The pictures were not altered, they just fit incredibly well together. The similarities in facial structure and poses are striking! In order, the collages are Natalie Portman/Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie/Elizabeth Taylor, George Clooney/Cary Grant, Robert Pattinson/James Dean and Scarlett Johansson/Marilyn Monroe.


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