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Who says chairs have to be conventional? The Knot Lounge is one example of seating that leaves one wondering how big knots can make the most relaxing experience yet. Inspired by Celtic knot designs, Alexandra Peters designed the chair to represent and fuse traditional and modern Ireland cultures. The final product is the comfy, better-than-any-bean-bag seating that everyone, young and old, can enjoy.


It’s Halloween! This isn’t Rocky Horror, but it’s definitely a Freak Show (muhahahaha). No one can bring us a scarier editorial than Norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø, who completed this eerie shoot for VMan magazine‘s “Archetype” issue. Styled by Beat Bolinger, male model Jacob Coupe is photographed in clean black and white, giving the shoot a sophisticated, dramatic edge. The sleek, black wardrobe paired with scary masks, studs and spikes produce beautiful imagery and bring out the freak within. Check out more of Sølve Sundsbø’s work here.

Take a look at this unique line of acrylic furnishings designed by Acrila. The modern collection displays a wide range of styles varying from high style to playfully chic. The play on depth and perspective,  the incorporation of bold colors and textures, all have a profound effect ones interpretation of each peice. I love the somewhat odd yet unique collection of designs, they seem to all have their own personality and character, or maybe that’s just the artist in me speaking.

Fashion design student, Stefani Nieuwenhuyse creates classic high-end garments that could catch the eye of Gianni Versace himself. Craftily gathering scraps of plywood from the floor of another person’s architecture project, Stefani creates reptilian-like corsets and dresses by strategically gluing the woodchips  onto organic cotton. The results are scaley, natural, fashion forward pieces that keep traditional craftsmanship alive.

“I believe in using what you have available and letting nothing go to waste,”

Born in Barcelona, Spanish artist Jaume Plensa has created an extensive collection of large scale human figures made from cast iron that typically feature forms made out of letters and block numbers. His creative designs, having been featured everywhere from the U.S. to Europe, are simplistic in form yet overwhelmingly bold and beautiful. The pieces, all which seem to be housed in scenic areas with amazing backdrops, somehow compliment the surrounding elements without detracting, creating this unexpected element of grandeur and even a hint of whimsy.

Accessorize your Halloween costume with Bones and Feathers Collective’s spooky bone jewelry that is sure to send a shiver up your spine! Los Angeles based accessory design team, Natalie Mauro and Nicole Morrall hand-dipped wax casts of fox, shark, and rattlesnake vertebrae into melted bullet castings to produce these bone chilling bronze adornments. The collection even features a set of human teeth dangling from a bracelet.

The Bones and Feathers jewelry collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that marry indigenous styles with modern-day luxury. Mauro and Morrall used animal spines because they admire the way the fragments fit together like a puzzle to create a “beautiful, natural curvature.”

Via Ecouterre

Get inspired for Halloween with these creative carving ideas by Queens native Ray. Starting off as a teacher, Ray began dabbling in pumpkin sculpting with students for classroom projects. After having several of his designs requested by student parents, Ray realized the potential in his talents and began offering his sculptures off to local hotels and restaurants. Fast-forward a few years later, and Ray is now the two time winner of the Food Network’s Challenge Show “Outrageous Pumpkins” and has even sculpted pumpkins that have been showcased in the President Quarters of the White House. We might not all be able to create something so fabulously fun, but at least we can be inspired!

There’s no need for Christmas lights on this house designed by Italian architect Italo Rota. Designed specifically for famed fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, this not-so-humble abode changes colors based on the mood of the occupant. It definitely looks like there’s a party in this house every night!

Photos via Design Milk, My Modern Met, Studio Italo Rota

How cute and cool are these modern rocking horse chairs entitled Hi Ho? Designed by Jarrod Lim, the horse allows you to sit forward and take a ride or, if you’re not in the mood, turn around and simply rock. Brings back childhood memories. I don’t know how may hours I spent saddled on my plastic pink rocking pony growing up, though I must admit, this version seems to be a tad bit more comfortable. Available in your choice of synthetic fur or natural sheepskin, the outer layer can also be removed for dry cleaning in case there are any happy accidents.

Take a look at this beautifully executed watch design by José Hurtado. It’s a wrist watch when you want it to be, and a simply a sleek modern wrist design when you don’t.  The meaning behind it’s construction is just as cool and elaborate as the design itself. With a leather band and your choice of either a steel grey or chrome face, you’re sure to be fashioned forward with this on your arm.
Jose Hurtado -
“Time never stops for anything or anybody. It’s constant and uniform, and though we do not pay attention to him, he is still our curse….To design a product for the persons who feel the weight of time on them, who feels that with every complete return of the needle, they have lost a minute or midday, here is a product that eliminates this sensation. Time does not stop when we do not look at it, but is it necessary that the clock works even when it is not used? We do not need a constant demonstration on the movement of the time. We want to have the option to be able to decide when we want that time to happen…but we do not control the time, not even the ones that we possess.”

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