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Yesterday I was thinking about how much I would love a tropical salt- water aquarium so that I could bring the ocean right into my house someday. So I decided to go on a hunt for unique tanks, and ran across these genius designs. The first by tank called Silver Fish by Octopus Studios resembles a lot of little fish bowls molded together; it allows the fish easy highways from one tank to another. Octopus Studios’ designs are meant to instill a sense of wonder with the highest level of quality.

The second tank is the Zero Edge tank which, to me, is reminiscent of an Infinity edge pool. What’s unique about this glass tank is that it has no lid which allows for 360 degrees of fish viewing. The tank is placed in a basin, and as water overflows the aquarium, it drips down along the side into the basin, and is then channeled through a filter to be recycled back into the aquarium. No tubes or splashing sounds- just a beautiful viewing experience. Cleaning for both these tanks, on the other hand, might pose a bit of a hassle.

Whether he’s using a piece of paper or a wall as his canvas, Herakut’s unique interpretations of life through painting has a way of captivating your attention. By mixing mediums, using both pencil and spray paint, he brings to life a cast of bold and imginative characters. Through his book Herakut,which features his work form the beginning in 2004,  he has given viewers the opportunity to get a deeeper view inside his artistic world of painting. I’m definitely ordering a copy. 

*all photos courtesy of Herakut

Built in 1959, this gorgeous four bedroom three bathroom house is now on the market for 3.4 million. It’s vintage yet modern at the same time. The retro decor meshed with contemporary design somehow blends perfectly together. Complimented by a glass exterior, the house offers breathtaking 270 degree panoramic views. Designed by architect Rodney Walker, a modern architect known for his residential designs in the southern California area,  the house sits on a 4,300 square foot hilltop on the west side of the Ojai Valley. Interested in making a bid? Check out more about the house at the Walker Residence.  

Polish designer Tomasz Chmielewski cleverly crafted a dual seating bench slash picnic bench from bent timber. Depending on how it is displayed, the warped wood can be two benches facing away from each other or, when flipped upside down, converts into a picnic table with built in seating. Chic and versatile, this seating is genius!


Italian designers Graziano Moro and Renato Piggato created the aesthetically intriguing line of furniture, Design of Love in 2009. Inspired by 17th century royal French decor, the line of Louis XV furniture is completely plastic. The durable seating is vibrant and easy to care for-great for kids! Check out more of their furniture here.

Pictures via Fab.com

Take a look at these beautiful portraits intricately put together by Yorkshire sculptor Marcus Levine, each holding from 3,000 to 5,000 nails. Yes, we said nails! The portraits are a labor of love as each piece is painstakingly constructed one nail at a time. The intensity of the portraits changes depending on the lighting, the direction and the amount of shadowing cast by the nails.

“I regularly cut myself and occasionally hit my finger with the hammer. So I do suffer for my art”

I find this design to be quite peculiar architecturally, yet somehow it fits. It’s a treehouse, just without the tree. Designed by Baumrum and entitled Treehouse Solling this quirky yet stylishly designed house is located in Lower Saxony state, Germany. It’s the perfect dwelling for the nature lover as it’s sits right over a pond overlooking a nestle of trees. The house was designed to provide a place for the client’s younger son to relax and play with friends. What a lucky kid!  There are two levels and each level boasts beautiful views of the surrounding area.

French paper sculptor Junior Fritz Jacquet creates these African mask-like sculptures out of toilet paper rolls. What a great alternative to reading the paper or twiddling your thumbs while you’re in the loo! Creativity at its finest.

Pictures via

Inspired by traditional Japanese design, architect Takeshi Sano  wanted to create an intriguing atmosphere in Los Angele’s Tsujita Restaurant. The new Japanese eatery features 25,000 meticulously spaced chopsticks in the ceiling that form a mysterious pixelated sky. From the floor looking up, the ceiling appears to be filled with fantastic Cumulus clouds. This design reminded me of the cup clouds, and how artists are really inspired by the mystic formations in the sky.


What’s the big deal, it’s simply a parking garage, right? Well THIS is not ordinary design, this gargae is beautiful enough to make you stop and take a second stare. Designed by Peter Kunz Architects the garage houses a private little cubby that overlooks the beautiful hillside that’s just large enough for a car to fit comfortably. It’s simple, yet brilliantly designed.

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