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I’m blown away by the amount of creative talent that can be seen in the works of graffiti artist ARYZ. The crazy part? He’s only twenty-two! Born in Barcelona, ARYZ’s illustrative works can be seen outfitted alongside abandoned buildings throughout New York, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Bosnia- Read more

Check out these fresh, colorful accessories! Did I mention they were fire-proof? Crafted exclusively from genuine British fire-hoses that originally would have been thrown into a landfill, Elvis & Kresse create stunning life-style accessories from seemingly useless wastes. After saving lives, these Read more

As a recent graduate, I’ve done my fair share of doodling and creative note taking. During boring lectures, it was the glue that held me together (or held my eye lids up rather). Well Note Design Studio has decided to create a furniture line dedicated to their old scribbles and marginal notes.  What might Read more

Here is a new way to uniquely light up a room. Calabarte Design features Gourd Lamps. The Gourd fruit, originating in Africa and Asia has always been used for both practical and decorative purposes. Each custom lamp is first dried out, perforated, carved, and framed. Because the fruits take on Read more

So THIS is where all the missing puzzle pieces have gone! Everyone knows the frustrating feeling of being on the brink of finishing a complex puzzle only to find that the last piece has up and walked away. Well furniture designer Rupert McKelvies has used this mishap as the inspiration behind his new bold furniture collection entitled, “Missing Pieces.” With board games and puzzles becoming short lived, discarded and replaced by Read more

Take a look at Jum Nakao’s pretty impressive fashion collection made entirely from paper! Entitled “Sewing the Invisible,” the stunning collection, a creative mesh between art and fashion, is remarkably detailed. Nakao, being both an artist and designer, has been featured throughout various Read more

In school my major was advertising, with the goal to one day be a Creative Director for an agency or an International company. Of all of the inspirational ads I’ve seen, this German ad campaign for the online recruitment website, Jobsintown.de is one of my favorites. Berlin ad agency, Scholz and Friends, Read more

Did somebody say honeymoon?! Architect and owner of Jade Mountain Estates, Nick Troubetzkoy has created a resort that combines luxury with harmony in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.  The bold architectural design – individual bridges leading to exceptional infinity pool sanctuari, rugged stoned-faced columns reaching towards the sky and bedroom walls opening to breathtaking views of the ocean – makes Jade Mountain one of the Read more

Take a look at Akio Hirata’s pretty cool exhibition of Hats by Nendo. Located in Tokyo, the display looks somewhat magical. In the space, milliner Hirata Akio’s nonwoven hats seem to take on a life of their own. Over 4,000 hats were used, hung cleverly on clear threads and strategically placed to Read more

Pop artist, Kii Arens is easily one of my top favorite graphic designers. Growing up, this Minneapolis native was fascinated with music. He has designed posters for bands, singers, and even Woodstock. His work adds a modern twist to Andy Warhol’s art and drips with vibrant color and cool Read more

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