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Paint and lighting are two mediums, that when used appropriately, can stylishly transform and redefine any space. The Switch restaurant and lounge, designed by Karim Rashid uses these two elements effectively to create a vibrate and update interior that  is sure to draw in passing customers.  The restaurant, located in Dubai, UAE,  boasts a undulating wall designed to continuously change colors, as well as back lit ceiling decorated with Arabic writing. The restaurant is 2,150 square feet, with a dining area large enough to seat around 100 people. Your experience inside the restaurant largely Read more

The once taboo form of graffiti art has taken a turn for the better. Reverse graffiti is a completely legal form of street art, in fact, it actually cleans up the community it’s in. By pressure washing away dirt and grime off of walls, these various graffiti artists create environmentally friendly works of art onto once Read more

Shot by Patrick Tosani during a trip to Syria, this photographed collection, entitled Enfants ecole (completed in 2002),  features a series of children dressed up to mimic colorful blooming flowers. Nestled in between beautiful fabrics, there is something oddly intriguing about these unsmiling faces. With shirts Read more

Revert back to the days of you and your sibling taking Crayons to the wall because you couldn’t seem to find anything else to draw on. Now, with Idea Paint, you can creatively vandalize any surface. Simply apply this paint to office, bedroom, or kitchen walls and voila! Instant dry erase board. Your family, co-workers, Read more

You would be hard pressed to find a swing set to top this one (okay, the house is pretty cool too)! Cleverly situated over a descending slope in Sufflok, England, this Balancing Barn designed by Dutch firm MVRDV and winner of the 2011 RIBA awards, hangs halfway over a cantilever slope. Constructed to plunge the residents headlong into the natural scenery, the traditional long barn shaped house is adorned with metal sheeting that creates a cool mirrored Read more

After studying in West Africa, Meghan Sebold was inspired to create breakout fashion label, Afia . The line is a sustainable women’s apparel line that blends traditional tribal textile patterns with modern American styles. The coined “urban indigenous” style of Afia is a fusion of traditional, vibrant West Read more

I’ve never been one to believe less is more, espcially when it comes to color. I love love love color! The more the merrier. Located in Tokyo, Japan, doesn’t the Sugamo Shinkin Bank building just make you want to smile? We’ll it’s colorfully designed certainly trumps my First Tennessee (but that’s only my opinion). Designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architects, the building’s crisp white facade was adorned with multi-colored stacked layers to create a fun Read more

Nemaworkshop is an architect firm that creates spaces which are conceptually bold yet highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. This espresso bar called D’espresso in New York’s Grand Central Station was designed to resemble a library turned on its side. Read more

Take a look and fall in love with the fashion of the 80′s filled with crazy tailoring, bold colors, and dramatic silhouettes. The man behind the magic,

Claude Montana was undoubtably one of the most sought-after fashion designers of the 80′s. He’s well known for producing cutting-edge collections season after Read more

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