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Someone please take me here! I don’t even have to eat, I just want to look around! The Beijing Noodle No.9, located at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, was the winner of the Great Indoor’s 2009 Relax and Consume award.  On paper, I would image that the heavily patterned ceilings and walls might seem overwhelming, but in this space, they somehow come together perfectly. Designed by the Japanese studio Design Spirits, a single pattern was chosen and Read more


It’s kind of like heated seats in your car, only better! J. Mayer H. Architects have crafted a temperature sensitive seat that leaves behind an imprint of your body on the seat after you’ve gone. Keep my seat warm for me! Read more

German Architecture firm, J. Mayer H. recently completed the redevelopment of Seville, Spain’s Plaza de la Encarnacíon. Renamed the Metropol Parasol, the enormous timber latticed canopy includes an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, bars and restaurants, all beneath and within Read more

I love all things different, so it comes as no surprise as that I adore these lighting fixtures designed by Tribe Studio Architects for Sydney Australia’s 2009 Eat Green Design festival. The fixtures, designed from sheets of pine wood, have been laser cut to create variously lengthened cascading spirals. Creative yet Read more

Who wouldn’t want to shop here? With a style reminiscent of Old Hollywood, this glamorous boutique, designed by Italian architecture office CLS Architetti, is absolutely stunning.  If the giant mirrored ball doesn’t draw you in, the wavy profiles covering the walls and ceilings will.   Designed using 3D digital modeling, a space was created to give you the feeling of being inside an ice cove.  The large dome, not only a focal feature, also houses a VIP room Read more

Paint simply won’t do Andreas Kocks justice. The New York based artist can create some seriously intriguing artworks out of paper. His exhibitions, entitled Paperworks, are more along the lines of the sculpture medium with the massive paper cut outs. Don’t let your eyes fool you- these splattered works of Read more

I know it looks like a draped armchair that sits in the corner of your grandmother’s house, but what’s fascinating about this seating is that it’s completely hollow, with no frame or support. Copenhagen designers Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin of Iskos-Berlin made the seat with a single piece of felt that was Read more

The UK Pavilion, Seed Cathedral, designed by Heatherwick Studio is artistically breathtaking. Winner of the 2010 RIBA Lubetkin Prize in September 2007, it has been ranked one of the most popular pavilions in the world, receiving on average, around 50,000 visitors each day. The Seed Cathedral is a 20-meter Read more

For fashion designer Mary Katrantzou’s Fall 2011 collection, the established New York based photographer, Erik Madigan Heck shot this vibrant editorial to appear in two magazines. Erik has photographed for various fashion designers, advertising agencies, and publications. This shoot particularly caught Read more

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